Presenting/Teaching at Region 13

The training rooms at Region 13 are setup with just about everything you need for your training or presentation.


All main rooms have either projectors and large screens or LED flat screen displays. Projectors and displays are widescreen 16x9 format so you may wish to design your PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation images accordingly.

Each room also has a Windows laptop computer that you can use or you are free to connect your own laptop. The rooms take standard HDMI video input. We do not support VGA. Please be sure to bring any needed adapters or dongles for your specific laptop as we may not have all of the various peripherals for all of the different laptop types.

In addition to the main laptop HDMI input, we have an additional auxiliary HDMI input available. Our larger conference rooms also have document cameras ready to go.


Laptop audio is integrated via HDMI and runs through house audio via overhead speakers. Each of the larger conference rooms also features a 1/8" stereo input so you may connect your smartphone or other device to play music or other audio source files.

Our main conference rooms are equipped with wireless microphones that are available to our presenters. We have handheld mics and two different microphone styles that can be worn instead of held; over the ear microphones and traditional pin lavalier microphones. Our Customer Experience (CX) team will help you get setup with microphone audio when you arrive. Just stop by our CX helpdesk and let us know you'd like to use a mic.

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