How to register for a workshop

To register for a Region 13 event, workshop, or online course, you will access Region 13's E-Campus system by visiting

From the E-Campus home page, you may browse the catalog of available events, login to your E-Campus account, or create a new account if you have never created one before. You must have an E-Campus account to register. Accounts are setup per individual and will retain your transcript history of attendance in Region 13 events. User accounts are also how you will access any online courses you enroll in through Region 13. Be sure to keep up with your username and password.  We suggest you use a personal email on your account in case you ever need help recovering your username or password.

  1. Sign into E-Campus using your E-Campus username and password.
  2. Search for the workshop you wish to register for either by name or workshop ID.

  3. Next, click on the event name to read the workshop details or choose Register Now to start the registration checkout process.  Please note - this will start a registration for you for the event.  If you wish to register a group, click the workshop name first.

  4. From the workshop details page, you may choose to Register Now (just you) or Group Register (allows you to choose a block or group of registrants from your district.)

  5. If you choose Group Register, you will be presented with a list of names of people from your district that have E-Campus accounts. Place a check mark next to the name of each person you wish to register.  Don't forget to choose yourself if you should be registered. Click Done Selecting to begin the checkout process.
  6. If the course has a price, you will be prompted first for any promotion or discount codes you may have. You will then be asked for a payment type and your payment information. You must have payment at the time of registration. For free courses, you will be asked to simply confirm your information and continue.
  7. Click Finalize after all information has been entered.  Upon successful registration you will be presented with a Registration Confirmation page on screen.  You may print this for your records.  You will also be emailed a confirmation email to the email address on your E-Campus account.

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