What do I do with the badge I earned?

What is a Badge?

Much like a certificate of training completion, a digital badge is a way of recognizing that you have participated in an event, completed training or a course, achieved competency in a skill, or been credentialed in a specific program. These badges can be awarded by many different types of organizations. Because they are digital and portable, you are able to store badges in an online repository called a backpack. Once you claim your badge, you are able to store and share them publicly or privately for any purpose you choose. This is especially helpful if you want to share your accomplishments on social media, LinkedIn, with an educational institution, or with your employer. 

How Do You Earn a Badge with Region 13

Badges may be awarded for many reasons. If you participate in a course, training, or event that awards badges, you will be provided information about the available badge(s), the criteria to earn it, and how you can claim it. Once you have successfully met the criteria to earn a badge through Region 13, you will be able to claim it and share it via various social media platforms.

How to Claim Your Region 13 Badge

Region 13 uses Badgr to award badges. Once you meet the earning criteria for a badge it can be awarded using several methods. The course instructor will give you the information for how to claim your badge. These resources will help you claim it based on the method your instructor chooses.

Monitoring your Progress towards a Badge

You can see if you are eligible for a badge or have completed the module requirements when accessing the Modules menu from the Canvas course navigation. Completed activities and modules will display a corresponding green checkmark. If there is a checkmark next to the module with an associated badge, you've earned a badge! 

Note: A badge award may be delayed if your instructor needs to review an evidence submission before granting you the badge.

Accessing and Using your Badgr Backpack

To access your Badgr Backpack you will need to create a free account. Once you have set it up, you can use the Badgr Backpack to share, store, and organize badges from Region 13 and any other open source badge provider. You can see the badges you have earned in all your courses, and will also be able to view other badges you may be eligible to earn in related pathways pathway. In addition to collecting your Region 13 badges, you will also be able to manage badges awarded by other institutions in one place. 

Check out Using the Badgr Backpack for more information.

Monitoring your Badge Progress within your Canvas Course

From your course navigation menu, you may be able to access the Badges. From the Progress tab, you can see the badges you have earned in the course, along with other badges you may be eligible to earn in a specific pathway. 

Check out out Students using Badgr and Pathways in a Canvas Course article for more information.

How to Share your Badge

One of the best parts about earning a Region 13 badge is that you can easily share your achievements with others. There are several ways in which you can share that you have earned a badge:

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