Finding Your Zoom Link

In most cases, Region 13 workshop facilitators will email Zoom links to registered participants the week before the meeting date, sometimes the day before. Be sure your email address is correct on your E-Campus account. You can check it after you log in by clicking Manage Account under the My Account link at the top of the page. (Figure 1-1)

Your Zoom link may also be shared on the workshop details page in E-Campus. This is the same page where you would have clicked the Register button. Only registered participants can see the posted Zoom link. To find the workshop details page, log into E-Campus and locate the My Current Classes portion of the home page (Figure 1-2). Click on the workshop ID of the correct class (Figure 1-3). The workshop details page will be displayed.

Figure 1

On the workshop details page, you can find the Zoom link on the right side of the screen under Video Conference Link (Figure 2-1). If you do not see a link there, that means the workshop facilitator has not posted the link. You can reach out to the contact using the information provided under Who Do I Contact (Figure 2-2).

Figure 2

If you're still not sure how to get connected to your session, please be sure to reach out to us prior to the day of your session. We can be reached at

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